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lookinsidelookoutside said: Hi there !! I have a question regarding your record wall: how do you manage to hang the records covers everytime you change them? I guess there's a system, and I'd like to do the same at my place, so if you don't mind could you explain it to me? :) Thanks a lot! PS: sorry for the mistakes, English is not my first language

I have record album frames that I got from Urban Outfitters.  I just take the frame from the wall, take out the record cover and add a different one.  Just like if I wanted to change a picture in a picture frame.  Hope that helps explain it!

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Record Wall

I have a pretty great vinyl library. They are a major source of inspiration to me with the music and design involved on each one. I’ve been putting six record covers on display in my home for the last six years. I’ve done it in four different homes which allowed different stacking displays: 1x6, 3x2, 2x3, and now a sort of 3x3 stair step. If you follow my Tweets or Instagrams this will be of nothing new to you, but with so many theme possibilities, this is worth the occasional blog post. For consistency’s sake, I’ll stick with the images of the stair step wall, on display in my current home.

THEME ::: Black, October 2012

  • Albums from L to R
  • 1. Violator, Depeche Mode
  • 2. McCartney, Paul McCartney
  • 3. One Of These Nights, Eagles
  • 4. In Through The Outdoor, Led Zeppelin
  • 5. The Joshua Tree, U2
  • 6. A Night At the Races, Queen

THEME ::: Green to Blue, August 2012

  • Albums from L to R
  • 1. News of the World, Queen
  • 2. Eye In the Sky, Alan Parsons Project
  • 3. Narrow Stairs, Death Cab For Cutie
  • 5. X&Y, Coldplay
  • 6. reading, writing and arithmetic, The Sundays

THEME ::: Faces, May 2012

  • Albums from L to R
  • 1. Gossip In the Grain, Ray La Montagne
  • 2. Changes, David Bowie
  • 3. A Rush of Blood to the Head, Coldplay
  • 4. Reminder, Feist
  • 5. Madonna, Madonna
  • 6. Odd Soul, MUTEMATH


15 9 / 2012

DIY: Earring Redo

I woke up to a mean cold on Monday morning and am still praying for it to fully go away so I can help lead worship on Sunday night. But I’ll take some left over congestion if my sore throat goes away first! 

My head has been so swimmy that it’s been hard to focus on subject matter, so catching up on my reading has been pointless. Netflix became my past time instead. I’ve watched Clueless, Weekend At Bernie’s, Clue, Family Ties, and Wings. I am drawn to Pride & Prejudice, Meet Joe Black, and Legends of the Fall when I’m sick. But I have to keep it light or my melancholy mind takes over. And the crying would make my cold worse.

Yesterday my mind started coming back to me and I got an idea. I painted two pairs of brass earring studs and they came out wonderfully. I’m so sorry I don’t have before and after pictures. I didn’t think to take pictures as I painted because I was just so glad to be feeling better. 

For this pair, the base color is Mambo by EssieI painted three coats on the earrings after wiping them really well with a jewelry polishing cloth to make sure they had a clean surface. After they dried I added one coat of Gold by Milani. 

For this pair, the base needed four coats of Sheer Nude by Orly. I added the center spots in the leopard print in Essie’s Shifting Power, followed by the dark surrounding spots in Glossy by Sally Hansen.


14 9 / 2012

Purple Hearts Club

When Leia had a near fatal accident in March 2012, we spent many days at the Animal Emergency Clinic. I sent the veterinarians a Thank-You card with a picture of Leia in May telling them how she’s recovered. I did not expect a reply at all, but just wanted to thank them for their care and let them see how she’s doing.

Well, they sent Leia a card today! It’s so cute to see her name on the envelope!

And look what was inside! 

"We are so pleased to hear that Leia is recovering. We have selected Leia to join our Purple Hearts Club. As our Nation honors our brave service men and women who have survived, we also want to award our patients for their bravery, strength, and survival."

THIS IS THE CUTEST! I got glassy-eyed when I saw the heart. And then I read the sweet note. Just before Stephen brought in the mail I was remembering that whole situation and feeling so grateful for our little friend 


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BROKEN SQUARE on Pinterest

I’ve added a BROKEN SQUARE board to my Pinterest page for easy access to any of our projects that you may want to try out.  Also, follow me or Stephen on Pinterest to see our inspiration boards!


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Banana Oat Muffins

I love a recipe that includes ingredients I have and don’t need to go pick up.  This recipe was just that.  The recipe came up in my Pinterest feed and I got to baking.

I didn’t have any stevia so I used sugar, but I cut it to 1/2 c instead of 3/4 c as the original recipe asked for. This was the only edit I made to the recipe.

2 1/2 c oats (old fashioned kind, not quick cooking)
1 c plain low fat greek yogurt
2 eggs
1/2 c sugar or 2 Tbs stevia
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 ripe bananas

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees and toss all ingredients into a food processor or blender.

Blend until the oats are mostly smooth. Spray a muffin tin with non-stick cooking spray and pour batter evenly into tins. (The original recipe said you shouldn’t use paper liners as the flour-less batter will stick to the paper after baking. Instead, spray the pan and pour right in or use foil liners or a silicone pan.)

Bake for 20-25 minutes. 20 minutes was perfect for my hot oven.

I made two batches of these babies. Batch 1 is cooled on the left in the picture below, and batch 2 is on the right.  As you can see, the top sinks a bit as they cool. Just an FYI for you. They don’t get concave or implode ;)

Can I git a what-what. Good muffins.


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Dan and Rowdy

The Olympics are over, and wasn’t it great?! My favorite part of it all was the Dan Hicks and Rowdy Gains swimming coverage. I noticed how close they were in the camera shot and snapped a picture while they were covering the swimming trials in the beginning of July. As they briefly appeared on camera, I noticed they stayed pretty close even though the camera shot seemed to have quite a bit of room left. When the medal competitions started up around July 28, I Instagrammed these pictures with the captions below on Twitter. I dreamed of seeing  trending on Twitter, but I only had about 20 solid fans. A few thousand short. So for you 20, I give you… Dan and Rowdy, London Olympic Games, 2012, as I saw it.

  • 1 July
  • Men’s swimming trials. Look at the closeness. #danandrowdy

  • 2 July
  • Even closer tonight. And a little more serious. #danandrowdy

  • 28 July
  • They’re back. #danandrowdy

  • 29 July
  • Dan and Rowdy having a serious talk. #danandrowdy

  • 29 July
  • I like your headset. #danandrowdy

  • 29 July
  • Alright. Great swimming today everybody. Hands in. #danandrowdy

  • 31 July 
  • I love swimming thiiiiiis much! #danandrowdy

  • 2 August
  • Look, man. I’m sorry. #danandrowdy

  • 3 August
  • "These wiley veterans know exactly what they’re doing right here."-Rowdy #danandrowdy

  • 3 August
  • Oh, I can’t stay mad at you. #danandrowdy

  • 4 August
  • You know, those people at home think we stand too close. I’d stand closer if I could! #danandrowdy

  • 5 August
  • Taking a break from the Olympics for a bit for a Wayne’s World marathon. #danandrowdy just said that’s what they were going to do!

  • 12 August
  • Odd closing ceremonies! #danandrowdy out!


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Progressive Dining Room DIY

We have some windows in our dining room that are really close together in the corner. The smaller of the two is the only window in the house on any east or west wall, so it’s the only one who gets direct sunlight. I must take advantage of that somehow. Ever since we moved in I’ve been wondering what to do with these windows. What curtains? Curtain rods? Paint the same as the living room? How to separate it from the kitchen? And on and on.

Since this is a before/after post, let me give you the full-on before and afters. *Please forgive me for the inconsistent angles on these photos. I HATE before pictures from the east and after from the west! How does that portray the room accurately to the reader? Well, in this case, I think you’ll really be able to stay with me because the windows are always in the shot. 


Our house was a flip. The guy we bought it from purchased the house as it was from 1982. So the dining room had green marble-like floors, bars on all of the windows, a wall separating it from the kitchen (on the right through that doorway), an old crystal chandelier, and odd ceiling perimeter lighting. 


Here is what it looked like after the flip. New floor tile, the warmest-beige-I’ve-ever-seen walls (the realty photo doesn’t convey the peachy skin tone that it was), new blinds, flattened ceiling, the ever huge descending boob light fixture, and he took out the wall between the dining room and kitchen. Much to do to change the look here.

First things first, my trusty table and chairs went in. We painted the room Flagstone by Martha Stewart. That was a vast improvement. I pulled a rug from upstairs to use under the dining table that had the same warm, grey, cream, white and brown that were in the room just with these few elements. Next, we got rid of the boob light for something way cleaner from West Elm.

Then I pulled out an old table runner that my mom has had for a long time. 

The neutral, white, and red are so great. And the little rams? I put that on the table with some my miscellaneous vintage glass bottles for a shiny centerpiece. Now, the kitchen is to the right of the dining room and there wasn’t much dividing the two spaces. I knew I didn’t want the kitchen to be the same color as everything else, but the dining wall flowed right into the kitchen. I visioned some simple crown molding to divide and frame the entry to the kitchen. And that actually turned out well when executed, so now the kitchen walls are white. The cabinetry is the same wood tone as the dining table, and I have small amounts of red and minty blue throughout. I painted some geometric bundt pans and made three tiny paintings with the red and blue, and hung that all on the wall leading into the kitchen. You’ll see these in the final After shot later.


Okay, so I had all of these elements happening. Back to curtains. On one of my random wanderings through Marshall’s Home Goods, I spotted some naturally colored sheers. Upon closer inspection, they had an open weave and a silver thread that added a teeny amount of shimmer. They were very affordable so I got four panels and brought them home to see how they looked.


They were the right neutral but needed something. I’d seen these Toorie Curtains a while back and had that pom-pom tassel on my mind. I went to Jo-Ann’s and they had the classic, cherry red pom-pom trim I wanted! It was $3.79 a yard and I needed 18 yards. Then I saw this with the yarn:

This was $4.99 for 54 yards. I bought one white and one red “Spark-A-Doodle” since I didn’t know which I wanted and it was so cheap. I got out the curtains at home and  pinned the white on one panel and the red on another.


I liked the red better. As I started pining the first panel red, I started playing with the extra thread between the poms and really liked this loop idea. After they were all pinned (that took a very long time) they were ready to sew.

The poms flattened out really nicely as I went along, so that was no problem. I picked a narrow zig zag stitch rather than a straight stitch so the loops would really be anchored. As I got to a pom I had to pull out the straight pin that was holding the loop tight. Typically I sew over my pins when I pin perpendicular to the foot, but the loops were small and needed to be just so. So I found it easier to pull the pin out just as the side of the loop went under the foot. I would then anchor it with my finger until it was fully under the foot. Then I guided the whole thing so that the zig zag anchored on either side of the straight parts of the loop section, leaving the loop itself free.


Here is a corner with sides after sewing. You can’t see the stitches! Whew.

I can’t even tell you how long each panel took from pinning start to sewing end. And for the smaller of the two windows, I ended up splitting one panel in half and hemming the sides. Two full panels on the small window looked too bunched compared to the larger window.


I’m pretty happy with how it all turned out. As usual when I do anything interior, I just focused on what I had, researched to decide what I liked and wanted in the space, and as time went by I found and purchased stuff within my budget and decided what I could make or not. Voilà.


14 7 / 2012

Squetches: Inspired By

I showed you an art wall I put up last week in this post. Did you notice the blank canvas on the left? Well, its not blank anymore! I pulled the colors from the “s” and the other pieces and painted this:

And now that wall is complete. Bam.


09 7 / 2012

Free Time

I had some free time to put together two very different art walls today. I was determined to pull from what I had. One was going to be clean and graphic, and the other was going to be a little random, but that was what I had in mind. I have a Guatemalan painting, an Italian angel, and a Mexican painting that I’ve gotten as gifts over the last few years, and I’ve been wanting to group them together. I have a canvas to paint and some other photos or little drawings to add to some frames, but what do you think?