15 2 / 2012

DIY: Painted Deer Antler

Remember this FFF post? That painted deer antler from Etsy stuck in my brain so I decided to try one myself. I found this gorgeous antler at an antique store on 19th in the Heights. Of course, if I lived near woods I would have searched for a free one. Work with what you have.

I wiped off the antler to make sure there was no dust or debris and then painted one coat of gesso on the areas I wanted to have color. (I always use gesso on a surface that has existing color, e.g. a canvas I want to paint over, or a craft project like this.)

Two coats of gold:

Two coats of a light, minty green:

Close up of green:

Two coats of midnight blue and I’m all done:

Go find an antler and post a photo of your painted antler so I can see!


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